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Excel for iPad Upgrade

31 July 2014

We have reported previously that Excel is now available for your iPad (see Apple of Your Eye for further details). Now, Microsoft have updated this Excel app. Reported improvements for Version 1.1 include:

  • External Keyboard Support: Using an external keyboard to input data and move around a worksheet is now better supported
  • Flick to Select: Flick a cell’s selection handle in any direction to quickly and easily select all the data in a row or column
  • Fonts: Third-party fonts are now available in the Fonts menu
  • Picture Tools: Crop to focus on just the right part of the photo, or reset to undo your changes
  • PivotTables: Interaction is now possible with PivotTables that have the source data in the same workbook
  • Print Options: More paper sizes and scaling options for printing workbooks
  • Send PDFs: Excel files may now be sent as PDFs

As always, Excel spreadsheets may be viewed for free on the iPad; however, to create and edit, an Office 365 subscription is still needed.New versions of Word and PowerPoint are also out now too.