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Excel Ask Me Anything: A Success!

19 November 2016

Last week, the Microsoft Excel team conducted its annual Excel Reddit AMA (AMA = As Me Anything) session.  The photo shows how seriously they took it. 

The Excel team hosted an AMA session to develop a more intimate connection with the Excel user community, drive awareness of our product, and capture feedback on product issues and feature ideas.  We're possibly being a little cynical here, but it was also an opportunity for Microsoft to drive more members of the public to its newly-vaunted Excel Tech Community so they could post feature ideas and get additional help.

Whilst not as well attended as last year's event, the team did address 406 questions including our favourite, "Does the Microsoft team prefer waffles or pancakes?".  Sage wisdom indeed emanated from the official response: "Why choose?".

The Q&A session is still available: you can check out the session here.