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Excel 2007 Security Patch Released

11 August 2015

Starting today, users of Office 2007 – not just Excel 2007 – who have not installed a security update released today will no longer be able to access online templates. If you haven’t ever checked out these templates, you should take some time to browse: there are some useful files in here. However, if you have not installed the said patch, you will discover that when trying to access online templates, a single template thumbnail appears with text telling users to update Office to regain access to templates.This only affects Office 2007. Users of Office 2010 and Office 2013 who have not installed the update will not lose access to the online templates. Do bear in mind though this is not an update to fix access to online templates; this is a security patch and Microsoft urges all users to install the patch as soon as possible to avoid the vulnerability to cyber-attack.You may also notice in some Office 2007 programs, a category named ‘Featured’ that is not currently functional exists under the Microsoft Office Online heading in File, New. This issue is not related to the security update and will not change after installing this patch.For more information, please click here.