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Coming Soon: Continuing Financial Modelling

13 August 2020

As we wait for An Introduction to Financial Modelling to be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster (it’s rumoured Brad Pitt’s brother, Cole, will play the lead model), the second instalment, Continuing Financial Modelling, is to be released next month (scheduled for Tuesday 1 September, as at the time of writing).

Due to current pandemic circumstances, the physical release has been understandably delayed, but the Kindle version will be available on Amazon websites first of all. This sequel contains no SQL, but it does contain what-if? analysis, discussions on inventory modelling, depreciation modelling, debt sculpting, valuations modelling, rolling budgets and charts, and some of the very newest features coming out of Excel, amongst other things. It also has all the usual terrible puns and appalling sense of humour that you have come to know and expect from its author, Liam Bastick.

And be warned – work is already underway on Volume 3…