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August 2018 Updates for Power BI Report Server

18 August 2018

You can’t really accuse Microsoft of doing things by halves. This release contains a fair few new features, including printing to PDF for Desktop, report theming, conditional formatting improvements and report page tooltips. You should note that for those users who are upgrading their report server from a previous version, Microsoft recommends clearing your browser cache before viewing your reports.

The full list of new stuff is as follows:


  • Report Theming
  • Buttons to trigger actions
  • Combo chart line styles
  • Improved default sort for visuals
  • Numeric range slicer
  • Advanced slicer syncing
  • Log axis improvements
  • Data label options for funnel chart
  • Set line stroke width to zero
  • High contrast support for reports
  • Donut radius control
  • Pie and donut detail labels position control
  • Format data labels separately for each measure in a combo chart
  • New visual header with more flexibility and formatting
  • Wallpaper formatting
  • Tooltips for table and matrix
  • Turn tooltips off for visuals
  • Slicer accessibility
  • Formatting pane improvements
  • Stepped line support for line and combo charts
  • Sorting experience improvement
  • Print reports through Export to PDF (in Power BI Desktop)
  • Create bookmark groups
  • Slicer restatement
  • Report page tooltips


  • New DAX function: COMBINEVALUES()
  • Measure drillthrough
  • Conditional formatting by a different field
  • Conditional formatting by values


  • Filtering and sorting in data view
  • Improved locale formatting
  • Data categories for measures
  • Statistical DAX functions.

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