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Announcing Excel Virtually Global

1 June 2020

Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the “bleeding edge” and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies.

How much would you be prepared to pay for the likes of Excel (and other) MVPs, Microsoft staff and other industry experts, such as David Abiola, Jon Acampora, Matt Allington, Indira Bandari, Medha Bandari, Liam Bastick, David Benaim, Yolanda Cuesta, Govert van Drimmelen, Purna Chandra Rao Duggirala, Imke Feldmann, Leila Gharani, Jordan Goldmeier, Richard Goring, Roger Govier, Frederic le Guen, Ingeborg Hawighorst, Tim Heng, Wyn Hopkins, Boris Hristov, Bill Jelen, Tony de Jonker, Gasper Kamensek, Jeff Lenning, John MacDougall, Nabil Mourad, Patrick O'Beirne, Dave Paradi, Keyur Patel, Jon Peltier, Boriana Petrova, Jan Karel Pieterse, Ken Puls, Reza Rad, Sudhi Ramamurthy, Tony Roberts, Raphael Santos, Rishi Sapra, Glenna Shaw, Oz du Soleil, Grzegorz Stolecki, Echo Swinford, Alessandro Trovato, Henk Vlootman, Charles Williams and Qinglin Zhou to present on a variety of Excel topics in your house?

Not everyone in this picture will be presenting – but a lot of them will be!

Well, it’s an option. Our usual Excel Summit South will not be held this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But we won’t we be beaten. We’ll just go bigger. And better. And global. And cheaper. And it’s for charity.

This two-and-a-bit-day virtual conference, now in its fifth year, presents Excel, Data Platform and PowerPoint MVPs, together with other acknowledged experts from Microsoft and / or around the globe to present, answer questions and demonstrate the future of Excel and how it will make your life easier, personally and professionally.

Topics will include: Auditing Spreadsheets, Charts, Dashboards, Data Analysis, Data Types, Dynamic Arrays, Excel Tricks & Tips, Financial Modelling, Forecasting, Maps, Microsoft 365, New Functions and Features, PivotTables, Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query, Presenting Your Data, Spilled Formulae, Testing, Timelines and VBA. And note well – it’s not all in English, with sessions in Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Telugu, as well.

Each session (including Q&A) will last no more than an hour and topics cover all expertise levels, from novice to expert. Most presenters are well known in their spheres, and have written blogs, books and articles and / or present video sessions.

Most sessions will be recorded so you may watch them later with downloads aplenty – there are no medals for staying up to watch the entire event live! That’s just as well, as it will run from 19:00 GMT / UTC on Tuesday 21 July to 23:59 GMT / UTC on Thursday 23 July. What do these marathon runners know about marathons? We’re planning a Tour de Excel. (Yes, I know it should be d’Excel, but you get the gist!)

From your own favourite chair, bring a laptop, an inquisitive mind and your sense of humour. Be prepared to learn heaps. And remember, it’s not just value for money, it's for charity – all profits will be donated to a global COVID-19 research charity.

For more details (e.g. times, speakers, sessions), please go to

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Hopefully, we’ll see you there!