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100th Newsletter

1 March 2021

We did it! 964 articles, 697 keyboard shortcuts, 47 readers’ questions answered and a total of 2,040 pages, detailing all things Excel, financial modelling and Power BI. Our humble little monthly newsletter has become a centurion. Well, maybe they’re not a commander of a century in the ancient Roman army, but you know what I mean!

Who on earth would think you could write that much and produce it monthly for so long!?

If you have never checked out our newsletter, then perhaps this month’s extravaganza is a good place to start as it highlights some of the best bits from the previous 99 editions, including favourite articles and “top tips” – all of which I am sure many of you will disagree with. But that’s the point!

Only a crazy person would read our entire newsletter – it has something for everyone, rather than everything for someone.

You can check out our latest newsletter here and you can subscribe with no solicitation at the foot of any SumProduct web page. We’d love to have you along if you aren’t already a reader.

Always great to start a Monday with a little celebration!!