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Excel Virtually Global 2021


Over two days from 12 Oct to 13 Oct 2021 GMT, the largest ever collection of the world’s best Excel experts – most recognised by Microsoft as their own staff or else coveted ‘MVPs’ or ‘Most Valuable Professionals’ – showed you how to really up your Excel game.


Thank you for participating in Excel Virtually Global 2021.  Here you will find a list of all of the scheduled presentations, all of the relevant details as well as the links to watch the recordings.   

Tuesday AM (12 Oct) - Schedule

Time (GMT) / (UTC) Presentation Presenter Language
Excel Virtually Global 2021 - Introduction English
12:00:00 AM Love It or Loathe It? - VLOOKUP Liam Bastick, Tim Heng, Charles Williams, Joe McDaid & Oz du Soleil English
1:00:00 AM Organization Data Types and Power BI Connected PivotTables David Monroy English
2:00:00 AM Get Started with Tables and PivotTables in Excel Medha Bandari English
3:00:00 AM Getting the Most out of Power BI with Excel Matt Allington English
4:00:00 AM Office Script in Excel. Why hasn't it taken off yet? Alessandro Trovato Portuguese
5:00:00 AM The Whirlwind Tour of Power BI Dataflows Reza Rad English
6:00:00 AM Merging Matters Kathryn Newitt English
7:00:00 AM Some Transformations that can Save your ETL in Excel or Power BI Ana Maria Bisbe York English
8:00:00 AM Creating a dynamic financial and business model in Microsoft Excel Michael Olafusi English
9:00:00 AM Better & safer ways to read text files in VBA Patrick O'Beirne English
10:00:00 AM Calc Intelligence at Microsoft Research: A deep partnership to transform the future of Excel Andy Gordon & Jack Williams English
11:00:00 AM Power BI isn't just for reporting, you can build interactive apps out of it too! Ben Howard English

Tuesday PM (12 Oct) - Schedule

Time (GMT) / (UTC) Presentation Presenter Language
12:00:00 PM Excel Automation is SO SIMPLE!! Tai Choo Tack English
1:00:00 PM Project for the Web + Power BI = Powerful Analytics B Sai Prasad English
2:00:00 PM PivotTables with MrExcel Bill Jelen English
3:00:00 PM How to Build a VBA Application Like a Pro Paul Kelly English
4:00:00 PM Lambda Variables - the mysterious cousins of the new Lambda function Charles Williams English
5:00:00 PM Several Ways from Sunday Ken Puls English
6:00:00 PM A Bit of Advanced Power Query Henk Vlootman English
7:00:00 PM Actual v Budget Dashboard with CUBEFUNCTIONS in Excel Bernard Obeng Boateng English
8:00:00 PM Practical Business Applications using Dynamic Array Formulas Tony de Jonker English
9:00:00 PM PivotTables and Dashboards Nabil Mourad English
10:00:00 PM COUNTIFS Adventures - Fall in Love with COUNTIFS in Excel Alan Murray English
11:00:00 PM Como Criar Graficos com Dados Geograficos em Mapas 3D no Excel Cristiano Galvao Portuguese

Wednesday AM (13 Oct) - Schedule

Time (GMT) / (UTC) Presentation Presente Language
12:00:00 AM 5 Secrets to Understanding PivotTables Jon Acampora English
1:00:00 AM The Power of Data Types! Elisabetta Caldesi & Kaycee Reineke English
2:00:00 AM Keeping Your own Fake, Random & Inoffensive Data: Why, When and How Oz du Soleil English
3:00:00 AM Build an Interactive Dashboard in Microsoft Excel Indira Bandari English
4:00:00 AM Methods for Modelling Stochastic Simulations (Monte-Carlo analysis) and Sensitivity Analysis in Excel - via a Ten-Pin Bowling Example Dan Mayoh English
5:00:00 AM What's New with LAMBDA and LET Michelle Keslin & Chris Gross English
6:00:00 AM Analyse data across different periods with DAX Boriana Petrova English
7:00:00 AM Managing Power BI Workspaces Ásgeir Gunnarsson English
8:00:00 AM Power Query for Powerful Financial Reporting: From Accounting entries to Consolidated Reporting Vincent Lacomme English
9:00:00 AM Financial Reporting with Power BI and Excel Rishi Sapra English
10:00:00 AM Office Scripts - Beginner's Level Jan Karel Pieterse English
11:00:00 AM Organization Data Types Frederic le Guen English

Wednesday PM (13 Oct) - Schedule

Time (GMT) / (UTC) Presentation Presenter Language
12:00:00 PM Office Add-ins Ruoying Liang English
1:00:00 PM Excel and the AI Yolanda Cuesta Spanish
2:00:00 PM Office Scripts Nancy Wang & Petra Ronald English
3:00:00 PM Forecasting in Excel Jon Peltier English
4:00:00 PM Tackling Templates: The Top 10 Echo Swinford & Julie Terberg English
5:00:00 PM New Data Types - Game Changer Gasper Kamensek English
6:00:00 PM Filter Function - The New Deal David Abiola English
7:00:00 PM Excel 365 Automation with Power Automate & Office Scripts Mark Proctor English