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Excel Virtually Global


Here lie all the available videos and files associated with July’s Excel Virtually Global event.  If you were not an attendee, we would kindly ask you to make a fair donation to Médecins Sans Frontières or similar charity.  In our own small way, on behalf of all the presenters, we are hoping to make this current world a little safer and a little healthier.  

Thank you.


Thank you for participating in Excel Virtually Global.  Here you will find a list of all of the scheduled presentations, all of the relevant details as well as the link to click to join the stream. 

Please note that you are able to join the stream at your leisure, and if you miss any of the streams for any reason at all, don't worry.  We will update this page with links for you to watch recordings of each session via stream.  

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the conference! 

Tuesday PM (21 July) - Schedule

Time (GMT) / (UTC) Presentation Presenter Language Files
5:00:00 PM Welcome / Dynamic Charts Liam Bastick English
6:00:00 PM Reading Real-Time Data into Excel with Data Streamer Cristiano Galvao English
7:00:00 PM Excel Tips and Tricks Bob Umlas English
8:00:00 PM Cheating with Charts Jon Peltier English Files
9:00:00 PM Working Together: Collaboration in Excel Adam Callens English
10:00:00 PM How Monkey Tools Helps Excel BI Modelers Ken Puls English
11:00:00 PM Plebs vs Pros: How to look like you use Excel for a living Tim Heng English Files

Wednesday AM (22 July) - Schedule

Time (GMT) / (UTC) Presentation Presenter Language Files
12:00:00 AM Mind-blowing PowerPoint for Effective Visual Storytelling Richard Goring English Files
1:00:00 AM The Sultry Six: An Affair with all 6 Joins in Power Query Oz du Soleil English Files
2:00:00 AM Microsoft 365 Excel 跨平台扩展解决方案 (Microsoft 365 Excel Cross-Platform Extension Solution) Raymond Lu Mandarin
3:00:00 AM 妙用Excel数据处理与分析功能 (Tips for Data Processing and Analysis in Excel) Qinglin Zhou Mandarin
4:00:00 AM Introduction to DAX Matt Allington English
5:00:00 AM How to create a basic quiz in Excel Indira Bandari English
6:00:00 AM Charting a Virus - Dashboard challenges in Excel and Power BI Ingeborg Hawighorst English
7:00:00 AM Top 15 tips and tricks in Excel Medha Bandari English
8:00:00 AM Lists in Power Query - A Hidden Gem Gasper Kamensek English
9:00:00 AM Excel vs Google Sheets David Benaim English
10:00:00 AM Excel లో చెక్ లిస్ట్ చెయ్యడం ఎలా? (How to build a check list using Excel?) Purna Chandra Rao Duggirala Telugu
11:00:00 AM Integrating Python and Excel Tony Roberts English

Wednesday PM (22 July) - Schedule

Time (GMT) / (UTC) Presentation Presenter Language Files
12:00:00 PM Mapping data in Excel Bill Jelen English Files
1:00:00 PM Excel Blueprint: How to use the Modern Power Tools to Become an Excel Hero Jon Acampora English
2:00:00 PM Testing spreadsheets - quality assurance in Excel and VBA Patrick O'Beirne English
3:00:00 PM Building Excel Chart Worksheet Templates Dave Paradi English Files
4:00:00 PM Excel-DNA in Perspective Govert van Drimmelen English
5:00:00 PM Create Dashboards in Excel with data from MS Project Raphael Santos English
6:00:00 PM Building Faster Excel Solutions Charles Williams English Files
7:00:00 PM Matrizes Dinâmicas, Novas Funções e Funções Nativas (Dynamic Arrays, New Functions and Native Functions) Alessandro Trovato Portuguese
8:00:00 PM Build Add-ins for Microsoft 365 Keyur Patel English
9:00:00 PM Power Query, API's and Power Automate John MacDougall English
10:00:00 PM The Magic of Data Validation Nabil Mourad English Files
11:00:00 PM A Little Python + ... = A National Magic Michael Olafusi English

Thursday AM (23 July) - Schedule

Time (GMT) / (UTC) Presentation Presenter Language Files
12:00:00 AM Data Analysis Intelligence in Excel Mar Gines Marin English
1:00:00 AM The rise of XLOOKUP – the 3rd and best in the trilogy of VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH Wyn Hopkins English
2:00:00 AM Date Based Calculation with DAX: Time Intelligence Reza Rad English
3:00:00 AM Visualising Time Glenna Shaw English
4:00:00 AM Most Comprehensive Excel Example. Ever. Liam Bastick English Files
5:00:00 AM Converting Addresses and GPS Coordinates in Excel Frederic le Guen English
6:00:00 AM Dynamic Report Using CUBE Functions David Abiola English
7:00:00 AM Ranges in Excel Henk Vlootman English
8:00:00 AM Scenario Calculations with Power Query Imke Feldmann English
9:00:00 AM What's Coming Next in Microsoft Excel Guy Hunkin + Others English
10:00:00 AM How to Use R Language in Excel Grzegorz Stolecki English
11:00:00 AM The Magic of Conditional Formatting Boriana Petrova English

Thursday PM (23 July) - Schedule

Time (GMT) / (UTC) Presentation Presenter Language Files
12:00:00 PM Storytelling con datos en Excel (Storytelling with Data in Excel) Yolanda Cuesta Spanish
1:00:00 PM Financial Modelling Tools Tony de Jonker English
2:00:00 PM Building Truly Effective Charts & Graphs Boris Hristov English
3:00:00 PM The Excel Charts Microsoft Forgot to Add Jordan Goldmeier English
4:00:00 PM Creating the Ultimate Dynamic Crosstab report with Array formulae Roger Govier English Files
5:00:00 PM Merge in Power Query Leila Gharani English
6:00:00 PM Modernising the Finance Function with Power BI Rishi Sapra English
7:00:00 PM Excel Speed Loop Jeff Lenning English
8:00:00 PM Smart Macro Recording Jan Karel Pieterse English Files
9:00:00 PM Office Scripts Sudhi Ramamurthy English Files
10:00:00 PM Creating more effective charts Echo Swinford English
11:00:00 PM Excel and Power Automate Harysh Menon English