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ChatGPT - Work Smarter, Not Harder

Everyone’s talking about ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer).  An Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot built to understand, analyse and generate language, many are worried it’s going to take their jobs whilst revolutionising the world. 

That’s partly true.

It will revolutionise your world and take your job, wring it by its neck and transform it into something much more interesting.  It’s time to learn what all the fuss is about and embrace the new technology.  This course shows you how.

Prompt Training for Prompt Engineering

These two sessions (each a half day) introduce you to the world of ChatGPT, explaining how to get it, what the differences are, how to get the best out of it and how to get the worst out of it.  The sessions teach you the importance of phrasing your questions well (“prompt engineering”) and explains what you need to be wary of, and how to substantiate the responses.

The first half day concentrates on understanding what ChatGPT is and isn’t , giving you time to reflect before the second half day, where tailored problems are workshopped and finessed.  Most importantly, the course shows you how to make ChatGPT work for you and your business.

Key benefits

  • Save valuable time researching and solving your problems
  • Learn how to review responses
  • Improve content quality of your own work
  • Understand the risks and limitations, such as its limited knowledge of recent events, potential plagiarism, ethical issues and inaccuracies

Programme outline

  • How it works: introduction to neural networks
  • How to access ChatGPT and use it
  • The different versions of ChatGPT: pros and cons
  • Limitations and issues
  • Prompt engineering
  • Privacy concerns
  • Creating and verifying content
  • Advanced features: image recognition, knowledge bases, coding and working with Excel
  • Workshopped examples

Who should attend

Anyone who wishes to “future proof” their career and tackle head on how an AI chatbot is going to transform their lives, both professionally and personally.

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