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Windows 10: Happy Anniversary!

30 July 2016

What is it with birthdays at the moment? Honestly, the Christmas period must be really festive...

Windows 10 turns one today and seems to have a happier future than its predecessors Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. We clearly like Start buttons for a start (get it?)!

At the same time, Microsoft also launched its Windows Insider Programme to garner feedback from trailblazers (guinea pigs?) the world over. Would you believe since its inception:

  • Microsoft has now received over 8.6m pieces of feedback (at least two were positive, ha ha)
  • Those submitting feedback have spent over 443m hours on Windows 10 (no, that wasn't trying to install it)
  • The programme is now available in 30 languages.

If you would like to submit feedback to the Microsoft Windows Insider Programme and are not yet a member, feel free to visit Microsoft's webpage to register.