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Power Pivot Principles: The A to Z of DAX Functions – DEGREES

18 April 2023

In our long-established Power Pivot Principles articles, we continue our series on the A to Z of Data Analysis eXpression (DAX) functionsThis week, we look at DEGREES.


The DEGREES function

The DEGREES function is one of the mathematics and trigonometry functions.  It converts radians into degrees.  It has the following syntax:


It has one [1] argument in the syntax:

  • angle: this is required.  It is an angle in radians that you want to convert.

As an example, we have the following data table name Radians:

We can write the follow DAX code to convert the radians into degrees:

Which results in the following table:

In similar fashion, you may also create a measure for this function to convert the radians into degrees:

This measure will return 360 degrees as a “2π” equivalent:

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