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Power Pivot Principles: The A to Z of DAX Functions – ALLCROSSFILTERED

1 March 2022

In our long-established Power Pivot Principles articles, we continue our series on the A to Z of Data Analysis eXpression (DAX) functions. This week, we look at ALLCROSSFILTERED.


The ALLCROSSFILTERED function clears all filters which are applied to a table.  It has the following syntax:


The argument is defined as follows:

  • table: this is required and represents the table you wish to clear the filters on.

It should be noted that:

  • ALLCROSSFILTERED may only be used to clear filters but not return a table
  • ALLCROSSFILTERED can be used only as a CALCULATE modifier and cannot be used as a table function
  • ALLCROSSFILTERED removes all the filters on an expanded table (like ALL) and on columns and tables that are cross-filtering the table argument because of bidirectional cross-filters set on relationships directly or indirectly connected to the expanded table
  • this function is not supported for use in DirectQuery mode when used in calculated columns or row-level security (RLS) rules.

Please see my example below:

Consider the Table Sales:

and another Table Categories:

They are linked as follows:

Do ensure (by double-clicking on the link) that the ‘Cross filter direction’ is set to ‘Both’, viz.

I now create three [3] measures as follows:

  1. Total Sales = SUM(Sales[Amount])
  2. ALL Categories Sales = CALCULATE([Total Sales], ALL(Categories))
  3. ALLCROSSFILTERED Categories Sales = CALCULATE([Total Sales], ALLCROSSFILTERED(Categories))

This results in the following output matrix in Power BI (ALLCROSSFILTERED only works in Power BI, not Power Pivot in Excel presently):

In more complicated models, ALLCROSSFILTERED will have further propagated effects. Consider the following arrangement:

Here, using ALLCROSSFILTERED on the Product table will remove the (cross) filters to both the Sales and Imagery tables too.

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