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Power BI Blog: Quality of Life Improvements 2

16 August 2018

As we promised in our recent newsletter, we’ll be spending the next couple of months talking about some of the new Power BI features that are being rolled out.

This week, we’re continue on the quality-of-life improvements that are being made to Power BI Desktop. The key one being…

Export to PDF

This is one of Power BI’s most requested features of all time (only behind synchronising Slicers across multiple pages of your report). Nearly three years after this request was logged on (make sure you check it out if you don’t already use it!), the ability to print from Power BI Desktop is now a reality with the Export to PDF feature, allowing you to create PDFs from your report pages.

Unlike some of the other improvements (such as the Matrix plus/minus buttons from last week’s blog), this arrived in Power BI Desktop last week, and is available in the live version that you can download.

Hopefully this will reduce the adoption gap between reporting using Excel and Power BI! For more new and upcoming features, check back next week!