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Power BI Blog: New Course Development

13 December 2018

Welcome to this week's Power BI blog! This week is less about showing you tips and tricks, but asking you what tips and tricks you'd like to see! Over the Christmas break, we're going to be redesigning our Power BI course, both face to face and online. (No rest for the wicked!)

This redesign has been prompted by increasing feedback and demand for a dedicated Power BI course. Our existing Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI course works well for those who are familiar with Excel and are more comfortable working in the Excel environment. But recently, we're hearing more requests to have the same content but conducted entirely within the Power BI ecosystem. So with that in mind, we're going to do our best to deliver!

The changes are going to result in a course that is much heavier on the Power BI features, which is where this blog comes in. Any course is going to include all the must have bits such as how to use the Power Query editor, how to build measures using DAX, how to use Q&A, of course. But we'd like to hear from you, what are your favourite features that you think everyone should know about? What would you want to learn more about? Some examples might include:

  • Row level security and setting up roles in the O365 portal
  • Designing reports for Power BI Mobile
  • Setting up a Power BI Gateway for scheduled refreshes
  • Using a SQL server to demo DirectQuery
  • Connecting to OneDrive data sources
  • Bookmarks and storytelling
  • Building report page tooltips
  • Connecting Power BI back to Excel and other apps

We'd love to hear what you think we should include and what you're excited about in Power BI. Let us know at The person with the best productive suggestion will get to be the first to check out the new online course when it's done!