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Power BI Blog: Visiting Ideas 2 – DAX editor

11 October 2018

October is Ideas month for our Power BI blog! If you haven’t been there yet, go check out This is essentially the suggestion box for Power BI, where users can submit great ideas that they’d like to see and vote on other ideas that they agree with. The more votes for an idea, the more likely it is for the Power BI team to start implementing it into the product.

This week, we’re focusing on a great suggestion made by user DaveG who has asked for a “Measure Management & DAX Editor”.  He’s even gone so far as to include a mockup of his proposed solution, which looks fantastic.

This is probably something that deserves a place in the Excel Uservoice forums as well – it takes the notion of the two measure-related dialog boxes in Excel, but elevates them so that they are more functional and improve the ability to audit and review measures.  I feel like the only thing he’s missing from his DAX Editor is a “check formula” button!

Screenshot from DaveG’s DAX Editor mockup

If you build measures in Power BI and want to have an interface that helps you keep track and easily update your measures, please head over and vote for it!

We’ll spend the next few weeks going through other ideas that we’ve seen that deserve your votes. Have a good idea that you want highlighted in our blog? Get in touch at, and we’ll show it off if we think it’s a good one. See you next week!