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Happy Birthday Internet!

28 July 2016

What are you doing to celebrate the internet tonight? The Arbiter of All Things Knowledgeable (i.e. Dr. Google) has decreed that today is the 10,000th day of the internet. Yes, that's right: nobody knew anything before March 1989. Conclusive proof that the moon landings were falsified and that the Earth was flat before then. Wow. All hail the black box with the light on it. Behold, the mystical internet, creator of bosses' beliefs that all things are possible in eight hours and somewhere with almost enough storage space to hold my significant other's Facebook photos. Almost.In honour of this historic event, we thought we'd take a look at what else might take 10,000 days:

  • If you typed a number a second into an Excel spreadsheet, you'd be just over 5% of the way through the first worksheet
  • Represents 1,261 days less than the age of Excel
  • Average time it takes to contact your local utility company
  • Make an album if you're called Tool
  • Complete Le Mans 10,000 times
  • Agree upon the rules of Monopoly
  • Be 83% of the way through the video data Voyager 1 can store
  • Approximate time it takes for my neighbour to show me their latest holiday and / or baby photos
  • The average time I take between telling jokes that actually make people laugh