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Final Friday Fix: November 2017 - Freaky Friday!

24 November 2017

Thank God It’s Friday and it being The Fourth Friday of the month and it’s time for The Fix! Normally one feels Dead by Friday.

As the Friday Night Lights sets upon us, reflecting on the Last Friday Night which had a Black Friday frenzy, let’s have a look at The Friday Principal. As the resident Our Girl Friday it makes one think about what the frequency of Black Friday.

We know Black Friday happens on the Friday after American Thanksgiving. How would you know the date of Black Friday for any given year? Can this be done in one line?

And what about the Friday After Next?

The longest period that can occur without a Friday the 13th is fourteen months, either from July to September the following year being a common year starting on Tuesday (e.g. 2001/02, 2012/13 and 2018/19), or from August to October the following year being a leap year starting on Saturday (e.g. 1999/2000 or 2027/28).1

On this lazy Friday Afternoon, can one figure when the next Friday 24th is without having to look at full calendars or consulting the internets? Or for that matter, Friday of any number? Consider this during The Long Good Friday!