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Final Friday Fix: May Challenge

26 May 2017

On the final Friday of each month, we’re going to set Excel for you to puzzle over so that you can get your “Excel fix”. Challenge your office colleagues to see who can solve the puzzle quickest. There’s no prizes at this stage, you’re playing for bragging rights only!

Searching Slicers

First appearing in Excel 2013, slicers are a visual filter that can be used to interact with PivotTables, PivotCharts or Tables. They are very popular with end users as they are highly intuitive requiring little more than a quick point and click.

The Challenge

The problem is, there’s one tiny issue with slicers. They are great for selecting one or more elements to filter, but if there are many items, searching is cumbersome. There appears to be no search facility.

In the example above, wouldn’t it be good if you could search for, say, everyone whose surname was “Smith”?

Sound easy? Have a go. We’ll publish our suggested solution in Monday’s blog. Have a great weekend!