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Final Friday Fix: February 2023 Challenge

24 February 2023

On the final Friday of each month, we are going to set an Excel / Power BI challenge for you to puzzle over so that you can get your “Excel fix”.  Challenge your office colleagues to see who can solve the puzzle the fastest.  There are no prizes at this stage: you are playing for bragging rights only!


The Challenge

Have you ever thought of putting an interactive picture within Excel that changes with just a simple press of the F9 key on your keyboard?  This month, we challenge you to do just that.  You can download the question file here.

This month’s challenge is to build a cell that can alternate between at least three [3] different values each time Excel recalculates (by pressing F9) and use these values in conditional formatting to make the traffic light flash as shown below:

As always, there are some requirements:

  • no Power Query / Get & Transform, VBA or circular reference(s) allowed
  • the traffic light should always alternate in a loop from red to yellow to green and then red again, etc.


Sounds easy?  Then why not have a go?  We’ll publish one solution in Monday’s blog.  Have a great weekend in the meantime!