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Buggin' Out #6: Save or Export to PDF Crashes Excel

11 August 2016

Microsoft updates means new and improved features, but it also means the odd bug slipping through. In this incidental series we cover some of the recent known issues that have cropped up and how to fix and / or circumvent them.

Save or Export to PDF Crashes Excel

When you try to save or export your document as a PDF file, Excel 2016 crashes (in fact, this happens for Word 2016 too).

Er nope, not yet. Microsoft knows about this issue, but no fix is forthcoming yet. Microsoft states that “…[they] plan to fix it in a coming update”.

Keep watching the skies: the truth is out there.

We will report on other bug fixes and workarounds as and when necessary. Hopefully, this will not be too regular a feature!! In the meantime, if you experience any Excel issues and require help, do feel free to drop us a line at - we can't promise to answer every question, but we'll try our best.