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A to Z of Excel Functions: The NOT Function

13 February 2023

Welcome back to our regular A to Z of Excel Functions blog. Today we look at the NOT Function.


The NOT function

Liam, will you make a stupid pun here?  Sorry, I’m a frayed knot.

NOT is one of Excel’s logic functions and reverses the logic of its argument (oh no it doesn’t, oh yes it does, … [please stop – Ed.]).

The syntax for NOT is as follows:



  • logical: the condition whose logic you wish to reverse.

It should be noted that:

  • the arguments must evaluate to logical values, such as TRUE or FALSE, or the arguments must be arrays or references that contain logical values
  • if an array or reference argument contains text or empty cells, those values are ignored
  • blank cells are treated as FALSE
  • all numerical values except zero [0] are treated as TRUE; zero is considered FALSE
  • if the specified argument contains no logical values, the NOT function returns the #VALUE! error value.

Please see my example below:

We’ll continue our A to Z of Excel Functions soon.  Keep checking back – there’s a new blog post every business day.