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Steve Kraynak

Steve Kraynak

Steve Kraynak joined SumProduct after more than a decade as a Product Manager for the Excel team at Microsoft, where helped craft many features in Excel, including new worksheet functions like IFS & TEXTJOIN, Data from Picture, Excel for Mac, user experience improvements like Smooth Scrolling, and many others. 

Steve has been a featured presenter at Microsoft Ignite, Excelapalooza, Excel Summit South, Excel Virtually Global, Microsoft Business Applications Summit (MBAS), EuSpRIG and others. He also has years of experience working with Excel prior to joining Microsoft, in both the software and vaccine manufacturing industries, where he made his mark by using desktop tools such as Excel to automate and simplify many business processes. 

Steve has a passion for listening to customers and helping them succeed by making the most of technology and their data, especially by using Excel.