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A to Z of Excel Functions: the COTH Function

4 December 2017

This function returns the hyperbolic cotangent of a hyperbolic angle. Clear as mud?..

VBA Blog: Close Range

1 December 2017

This is the third in a series about using ListObjects to manipulate Tables within an Excel workbook in VBA.

Power Query: Blanking the Blanks

29 November 2017

A huge Excel table comes in with lots of columns and rows, but in some cases a column or row is completely empty, and the table needs to be condensed...

Monday Morning Mulling: November 2017 Freaky Black Friday!

27 November 2017

For any given Friday – like Black Friday 24th, when can I expect it to happen?

For any given year, which date is the Black Friday so one can get specials?

And as a bonus question, when will we have another Black Friday sale on the 24th of November?

Final Friday Fix: November 2017 - Freaky Friday!

24 November 2017

On this lazy “Friday Afternoon”, can one figure when the next Black Friday is without having to look at full calendars or consulting the internets?

Power Query: Powering Through Issues

22 November 2017

Sometimes, I am happily working away in Power Query when I hit a problem. Features are not there when I need them, something I’m sure should have worked doesn’t...

VBA Blog: Turning Tables

20 November 2017

The second in a series about using ListObjects to manipulate Tables within an Excel workbook in VBA.

Same-Sex Marriage Results - A Data Driven Analysis

17 November 2017

It’s been a big week in Australian politics, as the results of a voluntary postal survey have come back suggesting that Australians overall are in favour of legalising same sex marriage...

A to Z of Excel Functions: the COT Function

17 November 2017

This function returns the cotangent of the given angle. For those of you who don’t find trigonometry riveting you really shouldn’t be so obtuse, but the cotangent is the inverse of the tangent function...

Power Query: Birthday Lists

15 November 2017

Since I have reached the milestone of my 50th issue, I have covered a whole list of Power Query features. Talking of lists… (it’s an ellipsis, get it?)